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Autumn and winter creative woolen fabric marketing continues to be active

Date: 2019/09/10 16:38:44 * : 0

Recently, the traditional market of China Textile City has increased local turnover of woolen fabrics, and the variety of movable fabrics has increased. The marketing of creative fabrics in autumn and winter has continued to be active, and the market highlights are frequent. Woven woolen fabric hanging sample on the market partially increased varieties, medium-thin fabrics and medium-thick fabrics interaction, spot listing partially increased, spot turnover is small and large, part of the counterpart varieties orders shipment partially increased, day-to-day varieties increased, autumn and winter creative fabrics turnover partially increased, the price is basically stable. Main, the unit price of some new style creative fabrics has increased slightly, and the value-added products of road goods have been boosted.

There are still medium-batch shipments in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. The order of wool polyester steamed velvet increased in some markets. There are still small and medium-sized batches of white fabrics and small and medium-sized batches of goods in Zhili, Huzhou, Zhejiang.

Some large-scale businesses of wool viscose and wool polyester tweeds still have vehicle shipments, while Tianjin customers still have vehicle shipments.

Fur viscose tweed coffee color fabrics in some markets still have the whole vehicle shipment, pink color fabrics in some markets still have medium batch shipment. Large quantities of wool, polyester, Huamei velvet, rubber and red fabrics and medium quantities of mixed eggplant fabrics are still available in some markets. Medium-batch shipments of wool-viscous cashmere and large red fabrics are still available in some markets. There are still mid-batch shipments in some markets of wool-viscous high imitation wool fabrics with light yellow luster, and there are mid-batch shipments for customers in Lucheng District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Mao-sticky Albaca light gray fabrics are shipped in batches in some markets, and in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Wool sticky Aobao grey, jade red, peach red, camel color fabrics in some markets still have medium-batch shipment, Zhejiang Huzhou Zhili still has the whole vehicle shipment.

The wool, polyester and Zhuoshang fabrics are popular in local markets. The fabrics of pink orchid, beautiful green, fluorescent yellow, Baolan, dark green and extra black are sold in batches in local markets. There are still small and medium-sized batches of wool-bonded new watt-black, rose-red and polish fabrics in some markets. The quantity of wool polyester and wool viscose cashmere in local market increased, while the quantity of red, jujube red, purple red, rose red and other color fabrics in local market was larger.

Fur-sticky mink fur, hair sticky with the wind, rabbit hair sticky with extra black color fabrics partial market shipments increased. Small twill wool viscose, polyester water ripple wool, polyester double-color circle wool counterpart merchants have increased orders.

There are still large shipments of wool-viscose double-sided wool fabrics with green lustre in some markets, while medium-batch shipments of thick wool-polyester Hanxin fabrics with special black, grass-green and Baolan colors are still available in some markets.

Purchasers of wool-bonded fabrics garment factories increased orders, and some large-scale businesses increased the volume of goods shipped in the market. The wool-bonded Korean double-woven Tibetan-green, Shenlan and brilliant green fabrics were partly shipped in batches. There are still small and medium-sized batches of wool and sticky goods, silk figurines and fine wheat cloth in some markets. Medium-batch shipments of wool-sticky herringbone, silk cloth green, dark green and emerald-green fabrics are still available in some markets. Some large-scale operation of rabbit fox velvet Beige fabrics market shipments increased.

Small and medium batches of wool-viscose crystal fabrics and T/R polyester-viscose double-sided velvet, wool-viscose double-sided velvet, dark grey wool-polyester double-sided velvet and navy-blue fabrics are delivered in small and medium batches. Wool-bonded Golden Wool, Jiamei Wool thin and thick fabric interaction, camel fabrics partial bulk shipment, military green fabrics partial small and medium-sized bulk shipment. In autumn and winter, sesame pattern, twist, ashes, thin sesame fabric and medium-thick fabric interact. Light gray, medium gray and sesame-gray fabrics are partly shipped in small and medium batches.

Fashionable fabrics are sold locally, and wool-bonded fashion fabrics are sold locally in orange, Lake orchid, Tibetan blue, etc. There are still mid-batch shipments in some markets, wool-bonded dyed coats, wool-bonded Plaid coats are sold locally in good time, and some garment manufacturers still have mid-batch shipments. This series of fabrics are mainly made of 20% wool, 80% viscose staple fibers, 30% wool and 70% viscose staple fibers with good color fastness. Wool polyester pearls, Chiffon parts of the market small batches of multi-variety color shipment. The single batch of wool-polyester extra-black striped fabric and wool-polyester coffee striped fabric is relatively large in part. Some large-scale businesses occasionally have a large number of shipments.

The sales of various kinds of shuttle woolen fashion wool, woolen dyed wool, woolen yarn and polyester warp knitted long wool, warp knitted short wool, knitted weft knitted long wool and knitted weft knitted short wool, which are mainly made of polyester DTY low elastic yarn, (POY+DTY) composite yarn and wool sensory yarn, tend to be basically stable in the traditional market of light textile city. Local increment, some of the counterpart fabric hanging samples listed varieties are still more. The spot market volume of woven woolen woolen fabrics in the traditional market has increased compared with the earlier period, the spot circulation volume of market operators has increased compared with the earlier period, the local spot volume of medium-thin and medium-thick fabrics is small, the spot volume of many varieties is increased compared with the earlier period, and the volume of orders and deliveries are increased compared with the earlier period.