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Fabric planning should not be neglected in order to make fabrics a value-added item of brand.

Date: 2019/09/10 16:35:18 * : 0
      Speaking of apparel brand value-added items, people first think of style, star effect, popularity, etc., but the fabric itself is actually one of the key elements to retain consumers. Nowadays, more and more brands invest in material research to strengthen the uniqueness of fabrics and make it difficult to replicate products through fabrics, thereby improving the value and uniqueness of products. Among them, through planning and creativity to touch the market, can inject strong identity, cultural connotation and internal strength into the brand.

On August 22, CFU TALK's second "Material Shaping" Fabric Planning Salon was held in Changfa Business Center. Xu Renyu, Consultant of CFU Creative Fashion Alliance, combines trends with product demonstration. From the aspects of classic case sharing, product explosion money drilling and so on, it brings us a sharing meeting to reduce operating costs, efficiently match customer resources and optimize product structure. With the continuous interaction on the spot, more than 30 representatives of fabric enterprises and Xu Renyu discussed the methods and practices of fabric planning, obtained the inspiration source of fabric planning, understood the direction of fabric planning from material processing to independent research and development, so as to make the fabric more storytelling.

Move from time to time and build up the consciousness of fabric planning

As one of the three elements of clothing, fabrics can not only explain the style and characteristics of clothing, but also directly influence the performance of clothing in color and shape. For fabric enterprises, how to stand out in the competition among their peers, how to find their own position in the complex market environment, and how to design and transform into fashion products combining with fashion trends are all the problems they are facing in developing and producing fabrics.

Xu Renyu introduced that the significance of fabric planning is to let the fabric enterprises realize that this is from "show you the fabric" to "help designers prepare the right goods". Fabric enterprises can help brand to carry out cultural communication from product positioning, seasonal demand, brand analysis, enterprise division, sharing and sales skills, so as to achieve market promotion.

      Chen Yuanyuan, general manager of Zhejiang Angwei Textile Technology Co., Ltd., thinks that the fabric design salon has changed her original understanding of fabric sales. "We are a foreign trade enterprise mainly dealing in fashionable women's clothing fabrics. In the past, when selling fabrics, we always stuffed fabrics into suitcases and ran around blindly. Now I know that we can collect sales information, popular information and market information from the previous way, clarify customer needs, pack the concept of commodities into push products and add-ons, and then carry out promotion plans.

Keqiao Transforming Self-Confidence in the Future

After introducing boundary setting and gathering, Changfa Business Center grafted the high quality consultant resources of CFU Creative Fashion Alliance to provide more value-added services to local fabric manufacturers and resident businessmen in Keqiao. This activity let you have a thorough understanding of the operation planning of Changfa Commercial Center. In the field of industrial enabling integrated services, we can not only experience popular trends, fabric libraries, intelligent typesetting, publishing space, nomadic office, training classrooms, live broadcasting and design and design mining centers, but also participate in activities to expand more capital. Source, create a new landmark of Keqiao fashion, leading the new fashion of "selection to long hair".

Xu Renyu is also an independent designer who runs his own brand MEZZO MEZO. He told reporters that in September he would set up a studio in Changfa Business Center with his new clothing brand. "I set my brand in Keqiao, which is to see the huge fabric market here. However, with the increasing demand for product development, application, dissemination and manufacturing of "explosive effect", Keqiao fabric enterprises need to grasp the key nodes of "trend research, product planning, brand promotion" in order to enhance the status and appeal of the industry. Xu Renyu will also provide a cooperative plan for fabric manufacturers based on his years of experience in planning consultants, from fabric sorting to sample book development and garment series development, to help the fabric enterprises transform and upgrade.

Jiang Chenchen, head of Shaoxing Haidi Textile Co., Ltd., said, "The traditional market of Keqiao may be more middlemen facing the initiative to inquire on their doors. Now, after our younger generation takes over, we are eager to break away from the traditional mode and gradually innovate. I think fabric planning is a good point, and then I will take the initiative to go out, more contact with clothing brands, foreign trade enterprises. The future of Keqiao traditional textile industry is promising.