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Xiamen Hualian Sheng is a globally operated fabric technology company, which integrates fabrics, household textiles, textiles and logistics. It is located in Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city. It relies on innovative core technology, convenient transportation network and efficient operation mode to provide customers with more competitive products and solutions. Case.

Hualian Sheng always insists on taking technological innovation as the first core competitiveness and continuously optimizes the industrial structure. Its business covers non-woven fabrics, linen fabrics, cotton fabrics, functional down fabrics with different functions such as high density, high elasticity, anti-bacteria, deodorization, wrinkle resistance, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet ray, moisture absorption and sweat elimination, and leisure sportswear fabrics. Material, functional fiber cloth, nylon cloth series of products. The service industries mainly include: living at home, sports and leisure, etc.